German Fields
44 x 53 inches (112 x 134.5cm)
Silks and polyesters, machine pieced and hand quilted.
This piece is for me a memory quilt, and my passage as a art quilter. In May of 2004 I spent a month in Europe visiting places in Germany and Italy that were of importance to me personally and artisticaly. The hours spent on a train thinking about art and observing the countryside as I returned from Italy to Berlin left these forms and colors recorded in my brain as well as my sketch book.

A few days later, my good friend took me to her favorite store, KaDeWe, and made the mistake of showing me their fabric department. Silks were on sale!! And when I saw this golden-yellow piece that was the exact color of the rape fields then in bloom, 'German Fields' pretty much appeared fully designed in my head and I purchased accordingly.

After returning to my studio in Medellin, while I played with all those lovely silky 'paints', re-living my trip and thinking how much my grandmother would have loved sewing this georgeous stuff, other silks from my special dreamer stash creeped into the project.

I did do a large drawing and cut templates because I was still shocked at the money I had spent for fabrics and didn't want to waste a centimeter of my investment, but making this was such an internal process that before I could get nervous about failing to plan, I had hand quilted the piece free-hand.
Photo by Carlos Tobon See Back