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Mixing Traditions (Series)
Abstractions (Series)
Automata (Series)
Intelligent Kids (Series)
Scrap quilts (Series)
My Miscellaneous Pile (Series)
Artist Statement:
Events, sensations, emotions are recorded in my brain as color and form. Simple things combine to become complex and then are deconstructed into new, different simplicities. Patterns morph into totally new relationships generating additional patterns that flow from unexpected points of bifurcation. The ordinary is beautiful and beauty ordinary. Life and all aspects of the universe are an infinitely changing but inevitably returning flow between the simple and the complex.

This particular mental organization, as influenced by an upbringing based on traditional domestic skills, a magpie's tendency to save even the smallest scrap of useful material, and an intellectual attraction to the plastic arts, has fermented behind the scenes of my professional life until, upon my retirement, the cork on my visual collection of experiences blew like a narco's bomb. The compulsion to combine simple fabric elements, making them into complex designs has become an obsession. Designing and sewing art quilts fills my need for complex thinking. The physical and mental process of finishing my works by hand-quilting allows me to occupy a quiet, unhurried, "other dimension" of being -- that 'groove' where the creative process is palatable, where I seem to communicate directly with the quilt and in the process my own voices are finally heard. Basically, quilting is cheaper than therapy.