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Intelligent Kids (Series)
La colombianita
La hipopatoma
La elefanta
El rey de la selva
El mono
If Picasso Did Zebras
Los giraffes
Series Statement:
When I was asked by a contemporary art gallery in Medellin, Colombia, to display some quilts in a group event including both arts and crafts, I had only one month to prepare appropriate work. Instead of displaying my art quilts, I chose the craft emphasis and made scrappy, inexpensive kid's quilts using a series of animal panels I had on hand. The time constraint was an opportunity for experimenting with so-called time-saving machine and materials techniques I had previously avoided. The INTELLIGENT KIDS series was the result.

The series name references learning theories and I used it because I personally don't care for "cute", pastel-pretty kids quilts. I feel these are designed more to please mothers, grandmothers and aunts than to attract the developing visual and cognitive senses of an infant or young child. I am not saying a baby quilt can't be pretty, but I use strong colors and forms in my designs knowing these are important cognitive stimulants.

And the results of the time-saving experiment? Fused fabrics belong only on wall quilts; needle-turned appliqu? is absolutely the least fussy and neatest method but it does require needle working experience; machine quilting is too much like real work on a Bernina 830 and I craved the sense of inner peace the hand quilting rhythm generates in me; and lastly, my enriched skill-set has made me more confident and enabled higher levels of creativity.