El mono
43 x 43 inches (109 x 109cm)
Commercial cottons, fussy and strip machine piecing, machine and hand quilting.
Finding comfortable proportions for patchwork variations is a key aspect of making a scrap quilt. If patch or even block sizes have common size denominators/multipliers, the pieced sections will feel right visually within your design and it is easier to include variable details, as in this quilt. Using graph paper helps because you can assign any size value to each unit and generate proportional patch/block sizes which are easily rotary cut.
<br/>To build this border, I spent an evening when I was too tired to sew trimming small cutoffs from various projects into 2.5'' squares. I randomly chose fabrics and then placed the patches in triple rows on 10" x 24" x 1" sheets of recycled foam board. The next morning these scraps darn near organized themselves, the proper mix and movement of the colors seemed so obvious. After the patches were laid-out to my satisfaction, the boards were positioned around the already completed center section of the quilt for a final design check. Then, all I had to do was move the four boards close to my sewing machine and follow an orderly process of chain sewing the patches together to form the final border sections.
Photo by Carlos Tobon See Back