If Picasso Did Zebras
40 x 39 inches (103 x 100cm)
Commercial cottons, machine and hand appliqu?, reverse applique and quilting.
By this number in the series of children?s quilts based on eight commercially designed panels with accompanying fabric, I was wishing I had Mozart's ability to generate endless variations on a theme. Feeling frustrated I began haphazardly pinning chunks of fabrics around the zebra panel on my design-wall. I had been wanting to make a red-white-black quilt and suddenly I saw this as my chance. Then greens began to attach themselves to the project and finally, just to spite anybody who might want to criticize my color use, the turquoise bits appeared. (I never did trim them to a particular shape; I just included them as they happened to be.)

This mess of fabric stared down at me for over a week. I added and subtracted shapes and fabrics, rearranging the whole numerous times while I made numbers 7 and 8 in the series. In bored frustration one evening I picked up Gertrude Stein's Picasso and a black-and-white illustration of Picasso's work suddenly had reds and greens appearing out of no-where. It was one of those lovely ?Aha!? moments when a finished quilt presents itself in your mind's eye. After decidedly non-traditional piecing, I am extremely happy with this result of my frustration.
Photo by Carlos Tobon See Back