Rambunctious Birds
90 x 70 inches (228 x 180cm)
Polyesther/cotton and mola appliques, machine pieced and quilted.
In the beginning this quilt was intended as a sofa-bed cover and was merely a utilitarian project in order to use up a 35-year-old stash of Kettle Cloth remnants because the fabric was so durable. Rummaging through my storage I also encountered the molas I had bought in Panama previously. An old idea for 'mixing' sewing traditions popped back into my consciousness and the combination of bird-themed molas and the traditional Flying Geese patchwork pattern was the result. This was also my first attempt to machine quilt and I hated the ensuing wrestling match so much (I didn't have a walking foot then)that I am still reluctant to do this kind of quilting.
Photo by Carlos Tobon See Front